TRINITY Outstanding ultrasonic


SUPER SLIM HANDPIECE for maximum potential


3D CUTTING TIPS Choose from over 50 ultrasonic tips
for a wide range of applications


Two linked surgical systems that
use a single foot control.
A brand new approach to implant
and surgical treatment.

Technology & Function

  • BURST Mode
    BURST Mode

    You can switch modes instantly from Surg Mode to Burst Mode even during the procedure. Burst Mode creates a hammer drill effect capable of cutting through even the hardest tissues. Select any of three types of Burst Mode according to the procedure and the condition of the bone.

  • Foot Control
    Foot Control

    The VarioSurg3 foot control conforms with the IPX8 standard for medical foot control systems. All functions are clearly marked and allow accurate and hands-free operation of the unit within the pre-set parameters. Using the metal bar the foot control can easily be re-positioned at any time.

  • LED

    Switch effortlessly between three levels of light intensity to suit the procedure.

  • Tip

    We maximize the sharpness of our tips through three-dimensional cutting (toothing) of the blade's edge.

  • Link

    You can operate both the implant motor Surgic Pro and VarioSurg3 ultrasonic bone surgery system with a single foot control by linking the two units with the link cable. Put the two units on the Link Stand and create a compact and space saving, all encompassing surgical treatment centre. The two systems can also be installed together compactly with a Link Stand that takes up minimal space.

Surgic Pro+ / VarioSurg3

VarioSurg 3


VarioSurg3 Complete Sets

  • Optic
  • Model:VarioSurg3 (230 V)
  • Order Code:Y1002726

Content - VarioSurg3

  • Control Unit
  • LED Handpiece with 2m Cord
  • FC-78 Foot Control
  • Sterilisation Cassette
  • Handpiece Stand
  • Irrigation Tube (5 pcs) and Other Accessories
  • Basic H-S Kit (H-SG1, SG3, SG5, SG6D, SG7D, SG11 and Tip Holder)

VarioSurg3 Complete Sets without Foot Control

  • Optic
  • Model:VarioSurg3 (230 V) Non FT
  • Order Code:Y1002248

Content - VarioSurg3 Non FT

  • Control Unit
  • LED Handpiece with 2m Cord
  • Sterilization Cassette
  • Handpiece Stand
  • Irrigation tube (5 pcs) and Other Accessories
  • Basic H-S Kit (H-SG1, SG3, SG5, SG6D, SG7D, SG11 and Tip Holder)

Specifications - Control Unit

  • Frequency
  • 28-32 kHz
  • Power Supply
  • AC120 V or 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Irrigation Flow Rate
  • 10-75 mL / min
  • Programs
  • SURG x 5, ENDO x 2, PERIO x 2
  • Dimensions
  • W 265 x D 220 x H 100 mm